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When it comes to weddings, there seems to enough to stress about. Every family has their own opinions on what should happen or what the ceremony should look like. It’s stressful to have to decide on so many things with a budget, invitation, flowers… who has time for this? One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is looking good. Being a well dressed bride can come easy if you need wedding sandals or heels.Although there are a million different types of shoes out on the market, Brigitte Chung makes wedding high heels just for you. Each different sandal or heel is specifically hand picked and checked, so you are delivered fine quality shoes. It’s difficult enough to find the right pair that fits, much less that has enough sparkle and is the right color and size. The best part is, you get to choose it all yourself!

Our most popular and well known items are the gold and gold metallic sandals. The best part of these sandals is that they provide a bit of bling and elegance at the same time. No one will ever question how much you love your sparkle but they can rely on you being tasteful as well. The gold metallic sandals actually can be used for a variety of social functions. It can be hard to budget just for sandals, but if you wear them again you double their value. Matching shoes to your style and wedding dress is number one, but if you can wear them with cute jeans and a nice top to another party of out for brunch, then you’re winning as well. Brigitte Chung makes gold metallic sandals that can work for elegant events but can brighten up any outfit.

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